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the peruvian flavor in austin

Peruvian cuisine is known for its variety of flavors, influenced by the fusion of different cultures such as indigenous, Spanish, African and Asian.


Diners can find a wide variety of dishes, from ceviches, tiraditos, and anticuchos to ají de gallina, lomo saltado, and causa rellena, all made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. In addition, Peruvian restaurants also offer traditional drinks such as pisco sour, chicha morada, and Inka Kola.


The decoration and atmosphere of a Peruvian restaurant is usually vibrant and colorful, with typical elements of Peruvian culture such as textiles, handicrafts, and photographs of landscapes and iconic monuments of the country. In general, a Peruvian restaurant is an ideal place for foodies looking to try new flavors and explore a rich and diverse culinary culture.

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Winner of "diners Choise 2023"

Llama kid is the winner of "Diners Choice 2023", an award given to the restaurant with the best reviews by diners, awarded by the OpenTable app

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